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3 steps to finanical equilibrium in 48 months or less...

When it comes to our finances, most of us bury our head in the sand when it comes to dealing with credit card and loan debts. A missed payment here and there leads to a charge, which leads to more interest and before we know it we are defaulting on our debts and receiving letters and phone calls from our creditors asking us to pay up immediately.

Brushing our financial problems under the carpet is more often than not common mistake which we all make at some point in our lives so making that all important decision to resolve your finances is probably the best decision you have ever made.

To enable you to get back to financial stability as quickly as possible we have streamlined our Trust Deed Scotland application processes into 3 simple steps…

Step 1 – Speak to one of our professional debt advisors

Once you have made that all important decision to resolve your financial situation you need to see if you qualify for a Trust Deed. Give us a call free or request a call back and one of our advisors will talk through your situation with you,

Step 2 – See if you qualify for a Trust Deed

If you qualify for a Trust Deed, Congratulations, you are one step closer to being from from the pressure of debt. We will post out the relevant paperwork to your address for you to check over. If you would prefer to talk to someone in person in the comfort of your own home we do FREE, no obligation home visits. Click here for more information. Alternatively you can visit us at our offices in Hilling Park, Glasgow. Click here for directions.

Step 3 – Return your paperwork... Done!

If you have requested your paperwork through the post the last step is to simply check it over, sign and return it to us. The quicker you get it back to us the faster we can process your application and get your creditors off your back! We can turn your application round and get you on the road to debt freedom in as little as six weeks.

if it turns out you do not qualify for a Trust Deed we can most definitely help you with either Scottish Debt management Plan, IVA or the sequestration process. Even if you just need some general money advice on a specific area of finance we are happy to help with no obligation.

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We help hundreds of people each month sort out their debt problems. 78% of people who come to us resolve their debt problems quickly and efficiently.

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